WonderMelon™ Melon Cutter

The WonderMelon™ saves you time and frustration when it comes to getting at the heart of one of nature’s most wonderful fruits, the watermelon. Less time, less waste, less risk of OUCH!

For Businesses

Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Caterers, and Hospitality professionals love the WonderMelon™
Cut a large watermelon into chunks or slices in less than a minute. You’ll save time and increase profits while providing consumers delicious and fit watermelon.

For Consumers

Enjoy a fitter lifestyle by grabbing a WonderMelon™! It’s so easy to have delicious watermelon treats available without the headache that stops you from eating better in the first place! Get kids to eat watermelon by having it on hand. Beautiful watermelon boats become easy tasks, not huge chores.